Driving With Expired Registration in California

carGet Caught Driving with Expired Registration in California?

If you were driving with expired registration in California, whether intentionally or unintentionally, you were probably issued a citation under VC 4000(a).

This is usually not a serious offense and can be remedied quite easily:

  1. You have to get your registration valid; and
  2. You have to show proof of this to the court.

Many drivers are good at getting step one above completed (or they already had their registration valid but just were unable to show proof of registration to the officer at the time of being pulled over).

It’s the second step that drivers forget about, or didn’t realize they had to complete: you have to tell the court your registration is now valid!

What Happens if I Forgot to Tell the Court My Registration is Valid?

When you get a ticket for driving with expired registration and you fail to inform the court that your registration is indeed valid, you will be charged with a failure to appear in court.

In Southern California, particularly in Los Angeles County where I handle traffic tickets for my clients, if you’ve failed to appear in court your case will be sent to GC Services, a collection agency.

Getting My Expired Registration Ticket out of GC Services

Once your ticket goes to GC Services, a whole host of problems will occur:

  • A hold will be placed on your driver’s license, which may turn into a license suspension;
  • Your fines will substantially increase;
  • You will be prevented from renewing or obtaining a driver’s license;
  • You will get harassed by GC Services;
  • You may get a huge headache.

All hope is not lost, however. I handle traffic tickets with GC Services, and expired registration tickets are some of my favorites because I’m usually able to obtain great results for my clients.

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