Don’t Pay GC Services Under Their “New Deal”

If you have a traffic ticket with GC Services and you have a failure to appear in court charge under vehicle code 40508, you will have to deal with GC Services because they handle the collections for LA County.

As of January 1, 2013, GC Services has a new trick up their sleeve to get you to pay. “Have you heard about our new deal?” they might ask you. It sounds great on the surface: make a downpayment of 1/3 of the total balance you owe them, and then you can get an abstract (which will release the hold on your driver’s license).

Downfalls of the “New Deal:

  1. You don’t need to pay GC Services anything to get an abstract. You can get a court date and get your license clear without paying GC Services a cent. But GC Services is tricky, will lie to you, and will give you the run around. If you need help dealing with GC Services, contact attorney Paul Denni for help. The only time you can’t get an abstract, and it may makes sense to pay GC Services, is when you have two failures to appear and your traffic ticket is with a specific traffic court that won’t issue an abstract for two failures to appear. Attorney Paul J. Denni knows which courts these are. GC Services probably won’t tell you. They just want to mislead you into paying them under any circumstance.    
  2. GC Services’ new deal only applies to the failure to APPEAR situation, not to the failure to PAY situation. So if your traffic ticket is now in the hands of GC Services because you have already been found guilty in traffic court or because you have already plead guilty in traffic court (in other words, because your ticket is in the failure to pay status), then the new deal won’t be offered to you. This really makes GC Services new deal essentially worthless because the only time you ever want to pay GC Services is if you have a failure to pay and you need to get your license back (if you have a failure to pay, in most cases you can’t see the judge anymore).
  3. You will be automatically convicted of all charges, and lose your change to see the judge. If you take GC Services deal, you can’t see a judge anymore. You are agreeing to plead guilty to the charges against you, and to settle your account with GC Services. This means you’ll get a MISDEMEANOR failure to appear charge on your CRIMINAL record. Not good. This also means that if your traffic ticket was a moving violation, you’ll get one or more points on your DMV record. This also means you’ll pay exorbitant fines, because part of the amount you are paying is GC Services’ collections fee (which you won’t have to pay if you get a court date). 
  4. You are still obligated to pay the entire balance. Just because you have to pay only 1/3 down initially, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay the entire balance. It just means you can get an abstract to release your hold after you’ve paid 1/3 down. They will chase you down for the remainder of the balance. This deal isn’t worth it though, because in most cases you can still get an abstract without paying GC Services a dime.

There are a lot of things to think about. Contact Attorney Paul J. Denni for a free consultation to talk about your options. You can call at 310-200-4519, email at, or fill out the submission form to the right. In 99% of the cases, it DOES NOT make sense to pay GC Services.