Who is GC Services?

GC Services collections agency (“GCS”) is in contract with the Los Angles County Superior Court to collect on all unpaid traffic tickets under the jurisdiction of Los Angeles County.

Tickets will be sent to collections with GCS if you fall under one of these two scenarios:

  • You never went to court (also known as VC 40509.5 hold, failure to appear, or FTA).


  • You already went to court, saw a judge and were sentenced to pay fines or complete community service (also known as “matters set for compliance”, failure to pay, or FTP).

When your ticket falls under the first category and is in FTA status, you still have the opportunity to see the judge and it is MUCH BETTER to go this route rather than pay collections.

A large portion of my law practice is devoted to defending and protecting those who have a traffic ticket in collections with GCS.

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How GC Services Will Try to Deceive You

When you have a failure to appear in court, the traffic court will notify the DMV who in turn will place a “hold” on your driver’s license. If this driver’s license hold is not cleared, the hold will result in the suspension of your driver’s license.

When you have a traffic ticket with GCS, they will do all they can to convince you to pay them.

GC Services will make it seem that paying them is the only option for clearing the hold from your driver’s license. What they aren’t telling you is that when your ticket is in failure to appear status, you can still get a court date, and STILL GET THE HOLD CLEARED!

Separating Fact from Fiction When GC Services Tells You to Pay

When You Have to Pay GC Services

As discussed above, if you’ve been sentenced by the Court already this is called an FTP.

IN THIS CASE ONLY, you must pay GCS in full to get your license back. You cannot get another court date, which means we cannot provide legal assistance that would add any benefit to your situation.

When You Do NOT Have to Pay GCS

When your license is suspended because you have failed to appear on a traffic ticket, you DO NOT have to pay collections to clear the hold on your driver’s license.

In this case you can still see a judge, and it is much better to handle your ticket in court if this option is available to you in order to preserve your DMV record as well as your criminal record.

As an attorney, I’ve been dealing with GC Services for my clients for several years and have helped thousands of clients get better results in court. I can do the same for you, including:

  • Put your case back in court and handle everything for you without the need for you to be present in court with me.
  • Save your driver’s license.
  • Resolve your ticket with better results in Court (lower fines, no points on your DMV record, and no misdemeanor on your criminal record for the FTA charge).

If you’re still not sure what’s the best course of action, for an open and honest consultation you can contact me for help.

Don’t Be Lured by the GC Services “Amnesty” Program

There is a lot of confusion about the GC Services traffic ticket amnesty program.

If you talk to GCS they will likely ask you whether you’d “like to sign up for their amnesty program.”

Here’s what’s confusing: the State of California has an ACTUAL traffic ticket amnesty, but it has nothing to do with what GCS is talking about.

Under true traffic ticket amnesty, if you received a traffic ticket on or before January 1st, 2013, then you qualify for a reduction of between 50-80% of the collections amount.

GCS has stolen the word “amnesty” in order to confuse you into thinking you’re signing up for the government’s amnesty program. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth!

The truth is that ALL of GCS repayment situations are referred to as their “amnesty” program, and you may be paying GCS without any actual traffic ticket fine reduction because your ticket(s) don’t actually qualify for the government’s program.

Secrets GC Services Would Prefer You Didn’t Know

GCS is not your attorney or your advocate in any way. They just want your money. This is precisely why they aren’t going to tell you about the negative consequences associated with paying them.

When you pay GC Services, you’re pleading guilty to the underlying traffic ticket as well as the VC 40508 failure to appear charge. This can result in marring your DMV record and your criminal record.

You May Receive Harmful DMV Points

A moving violation refers to any traffic ticket for which a conviction would result in 1 or more “points” on your DMV record.

When the traffic ticket was a moving violation (such as speeding, running a stop sign or red light, etc.), a point will go on your DMV record which can increase your insurance rates drastically, in some cases doubling it.  

Paying GCS so you can get back your license may have the opposite effect and cause your license to remain suspended because you received too many points on your DMV record within a given period of time. This is called a negligent operator suspension by the DMV, which can be a suspension lasting as long as 6 months.

Misdemeanor on Your Criminal Record

Paying GCS also means you’ll get a failure to appear charge, under Vehicle Code 40508, as a MISDEMEANOR ON YOUR CRIMINAL RECORD. The reason a “traffic ticket” can have a misdemeanor attached is because VC 40508 can be filed as a misdemeanor or an infraction.

Some judges go so far as to advise traffic traffic ticket defendants with FTA charges of their right for the case to be treated as a misdemeanor, if desired (if you guessed not many people raise their hand for that opportunity, you’re probably right). 

When we handle your traffic ticket in court, we can automatically get the failure to appear charge reduced to an infraction in order to keep your criminal record clear. This is because traffic courts are courts of limited jurisdiction, meaning they cannot hear misdemeanor or felony matters.

Consequently, the VC 40508 is automatically bumped down to an infraction when you exercise your right to go before a judge. (Note: if you’ve already paid GC Services and received the failure to appear as a misdemeanor on your record, as expungement lawyers we can get this misdemeanor dismissed from your criminal record).

Get Help from an Attorney Accustomed to Fighting GC Services

Don’t be fooled by GC Services – they are nothing more than a collections agency who wants your money.

As your attorney, I owe you a fiduciary duty to work in your best interests, which includes helping preserve your DMV record, keeping your criminal record clean, and helping you make the best financial decisions when you’re considering how to deal with an unpaid ticket in collections.

I have extensive experience representing traffic ticket defendants in court after their case has been referred to GCS.

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