VC 16028

Unpaid Fix it Ticket California

Unpaid Fix it Ticket California - What happens next? An unpaid fix it ticket in California can quickly turn into a big mess. What usually can be fixed for a $25 dismissal fee can quickly turn into a driver's license hold and suspension as well as your fines skyrocketing up to $1,000 or more. If [...]

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Driving Without Insurance

Driving Without Insurance - Can you fight this ticket in traffic court? Driving without insurance is a traffic offense in California, and is punishable under Vehicle Code 16028. You are guilty of driving without insurance if: you were driving a vehicle, and the officer asks you for proof of "financial responsibility" (aka proof of insurance), [...]

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Driving Without Insurance – Get Help With This Traffic Ticket

Driving Without Insurance - Violation of California Law California Vehicle code section 16028 (a) makes it a traffic infraction for driving without insurance. Under California law, all drivers must be insured. What Are the Consequences of Driving Without Insurance? If you are found guilty in traffic court for driving without insurance, because this is one [...]

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What if I Have a 40508 Failure to Appear in Court on a Traffic Ticket?

Do you have a 40508 failure to appear in court? Often this happens inadvertently because: 1) you forgot about your traffic court date; 2) you were expecting a courtesy notice in the mail informing you of your traffic court date; or 3) you sent in proof of correction to the traffic court and mistakenly believed [...]

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