VC 14601.1

Is Driving Without a License a Misdemeanor in California?

Author's Note: Although I am a practicing attorney in Los Angeles County and Orange County, this article pertains to law that is applicable throughout California.  Were You Charged with Driving Without a License? Vehicle Code 12500 (VC 12500) is the California code section that applies to driving without a license. You should be cited with this charge only [...]

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Failure to Appear Traffic Court Los Angeles

Failure to Appear Traffic Court Los Angeles - Why Do I Have a Failure to Appear Charge? We have represented hundreds of drivers in Los Angeles with a VC 40508 failure to appear charge. You may not have even known you've failed to appear in traffic court until: you've received a letter from GC Services; you [...]

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California DMV License Hold

Why Do I Have a California DMV License Hold? There are several reasons why you may have a California DMV license hold: you have an unpaid traffic ticket; you have an outstanding warrant; you have unpaid child support. If you have a traffic ticket with a VC 40508 failure to appear, or have a warrant [...]

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You Will Be Listed as a Negligent Operator If…

Do You Know When You Will Be Listed as a Negligent Operator? You will be listed as a negligent operator if you receive too many points on your DMV record. The good news is that if you're listed as a negligent operator and are facing a DMV suspension of your driver's license, you are entitled [...]

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Riverside Traffic Attorney

Riverside Traffic Attorney There are several different California traffic laws that, if violated in Riverside County, could result in your need to hire a Riverside traffic attorney. Do I Normally Need a Riverside Traffic Attorney? A regular traffic ticket can normally just be paid and resolved fairly inexpensively, without the need to hire an attorney. [...]

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VC 14601.1 (a) Driving With a Suspended License

VC 14601.1 (a) Driving With a Suspended License Many drivers are not even aware their license is suspended. It isn't until you've been pulled over for a traffic ticket like speeding or cigarette litter that the officer tells you that you are also driving with a suspended license. For a free consultation with Attorney Paul [...]

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Suspended License in California? Top 3 Ways To Fix It

Suspended License in California - Learn How To Take Care of It There are many different reasons you may have a suspended license in California. The three headings below cover three of the most common reasons, and ways to get help. Reason #1: Unpaid Traffic Tickets One of the most common reasons drivers get a [...]

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