Traffic Tickets

Will GC Services Settle?

You may have a Los Angeles traffic ticket in collections with GC Services and be asking yourself: "Will GC Services settle?" The problem is, once you have had your ticket referred to collections, GC Services will jack your fees WAY up - far beyond the original amount you owed. At this point you probably just want [...]

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VC 23109 Exhibition of Speed and Speed Contests

VC 23109 is a California Vehicle Code section making it unlawful to race your vehicle against: -- another vehicle -- a clock, or -- any timing device (stopwatch, etc.). 23109 a is also known as an "exhibition of speed" charge or a "speed contest" charge. Think of the movie The Fast and the Furious - California [...]

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23111 VC (CA Cigarette Butt Ticket)

23111 VC - CA Cigarette Butt Ticket You probably didn't realize it was such a big deal to flick a bit of cigarette ash out of your car window, or on the sidewalk while you were out for an evening stroll... Until you got cited by an officer under VC 23111 and realized there are [...]

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GC Services Lawyer

GC Services Lawyer If you have a Los Angeles traffic ticket in collections with GC Services, you may be wondering whether you should hire a GC Services lawyer to help you out. Of course, for any matter, you could always choose to represent yourself. However, there are a few reasons you should consider hiring a [...]

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VC 14601.1 (a) Driving With a Suspended License

VC 14601.1 (a) Driving With a Suspended License Many drivers are not even aware their license is suspended. It isn't until you've been pulled over for a Los Aneles traffic ticket like speeding or cigarette litter that the officer tells you that you are also driving with a suspended license. If this is the case, the officer [...]

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VC 12500 Driving Without a Valid License

If you were driving without a valid license in California, and you received a Los Angeles traffic ticket for doing so, chances are you were cited under VC 12500(a). Under California law, you are driving without a valid license if you were driving without a valid California license, and you were not exempt from doing [...]

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Should I Pay GC Services Under Their New “Deal”?

If you have a Los Angeles traffic ticket with GC Services, they may ask you: Do you want to take our new deal? It's really not much of a deal, but what they are offering is for you to make a down payment on the total fine GC Services says you owe (which, by the way, in [...]

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Don’t Pay GC Services Unless Absolutely Necessary

GC Services is a collections agency that wants your money for a Los Angeles traffic ticket you haven't dealt with yet. 99% of the time, you do NOT want to Pay GC Services. If you pay them, a whole series of adverse consequences will follow. Downsides of Paying GC Services For one thing, when you [...]

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Suspended License in California? Top 3 Ways To Fix It

There are many different reasons you may have a suspended license in California. Below is an overview of the most common reasons, and ways to get help. #1 Unpaid Traffic Tickets One of the most common reasons drivers get a suspended license in California is due to unpaid traffic tickets. When you fail to pay [...]

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Negligent Operator – Prevent License Suspension in California

A negligent operator suspension is a suspension of your California driving privileges, due to the accumulation of too many points on your DMV record. You only receive a point on your DMV record if you are convicted in traffic court or in criminal court of a moving violation. This is often why it becomes necessary to [...]

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