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5 Ways to Lower Your Speeding Ticket Cost in California

If you didn't already know about the high speeding ticket cost in California, you will realize it soon after getting a speeding ticket in this wonderful State. California generally is an expensive state to live in, with high taxes and a high cost of living in most areas. Not only is it expensive to live [...]

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The Best Way to Get Your Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Dismissed

The media can make things a bit confusing about the best way to get your Los Angeles traffic ticket dismissed. DJ Klypso, a popular producer and deejay, recently posted a video on his Twitter account of himself cruising down the 101 freeway in his Tesla on autopilot with his feet hanging out the window (and [...]

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Traffic Ticket Attorney for Metropolitan Courthouse

Whether you need to hire a traffic ticket attorney for Metropolitan Courthouse may depend on several factors. Many Los Angeles traffic tickets can be paid online easily, without much hassle. But sometimes, it's not really in your best interest to pay your traffic ticket. Sometimes, it's worth it to calendar a court date and fight [...]

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Real ID – How it Affects Your California Driver’s License

The Real ID Act is a federal law that changes the requirements for identification cards (ID's). Under the Real ID Act, you will no longer be able to use your old California driver's license as a valid means of identification for use in airports and other federal buildings. How Long Your California Driver's License Will [...]

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Driving on Expired Tags California

So What Are the Consequences of Driving on Expired Tags in California? A citation issued for "expired tags" refers to California Vehicle Code VC 5204(a), which prohibits driving a vehicle without registration tabs: "Current month and year tabs shall be attached to the rear license plate...". The consequences for driving on expired tags in California are as follows: $25 base fine plus [...]

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5 Year FTA DMV Purge

What Exactly is the 5 Year FTA DMV Purge? I get calls almost every single day from Los Angeles County drivers asking about the "DMV purge" and how to go about "getting a DMV record purged". A lot of the misunderstanding about the 5 Year DMV Purge is due to the failure to understand that: [...]

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DMV Purge – When Does the DMV Purge My Record?

How Long Will an Unpaid Traffic Ticket Hold My License? If you received a traffic ticket and have a failure to appear in court, normally this ticket will hold your driver's license. Even if you no longer live in California, an unpaid traffic ticket in California can prevent you from getting an out of State driver's license [...]

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VC 22348(b) – Driving Over 100 MPH – Learn About this Traffic Ticket

VC 22348(b) is a California Vehicle Code section which allows officers to cite you with a traffic ticket for speeding over 100 mph. This is not an ordinary speeding ticket because the consequences for speeding over 100 mph are much more harsh than other types of speeding tickets. VC 22348(b) Means No Traffic School For most speeding [...]

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