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Newport Beach DUI Lawyer

Newport Beach DUI Lawyer If you have been arrested or cited for a DUI charge in Orange County, California you need to find a Newport Beach DUI lawyer.  Depending on the location of your arrest, your case will be assigned to one of the four criminal courthouses in the Orange County Superior Court. Take a [...]

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3 Guidelines for Handling Your Pasadena Traffic Ticket

If you are the "lucky" recipient of a Pasadena traffic ticket, you may be wondering what the best course of action is. As a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney I've represented clients on hundreds and hundreds of Pasadena traffic tickets over the years. These are a few pointers to keep in mind. #1 Don't Fail [...]

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CHP Traffic Violations? Get Help Here

CHP Traffic Violations Got You Down? "CHP" stands for California Highway Patrol. Whether you are a native to California, or just visiting, you may have had the "pleasure" of meeting a CHP officer. This article discusses some common CHP traffic violations and how to get help in traffic court. Types of CHP Traffic Violations VC 14601.1 [...]

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Traffic Court Lawyers Los Angeles

Traffic Court Lawyers Los Angeles - Do I Need a Lawyer? On a traffic case, as with any legal matter, you don't HAVE to have a lawyer to represent you. You can always represent yourself (which is called representing yourself "in pro per"). Although many people decide to hire a lawyer, you need to decide what [...]

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San Diego Traffic Ticket

Do I Need a Lawyer for a San Diego Traffic Ticket? Whether you hire a lawyer for a traffic ticket in San Diego is ultimately a personal decision. You want to consider the cost, the value of your time, and the consequences of just paying a ticket or trying to represent yourself in court. What [...]

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Riverside County Traffic Attorney

Riverside County Traffic Attorney If you have a traffic ticket in Riverside County, you man need to seek the advice of an experienced Riverside County traffic attorney. Attorney Paul Denni and his qualified associates are experienced Riverside County traffic attorneys who can defend you in court. When Do I Need to Hire a Riverside County [...]

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Riverside Traffic Attorney

Riverside Traffic Attorney There are several different California traffic laws that, if violated in Riverside County, could result in your need to hire a Riverside traffic attorney. Do I Normally Need a Riverside Traffic Attorney? A regular traffic ticket can normally just be paid and resolved fairly inexpensively, without the need to hire an attorney. [...]

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GC Services Lawyer

GC Services Lawyer If you have a traffic ticket in collections with GC Services, you may be wondering whether you should hire a GC Services lawyer to help you out. Of course, for any matter, you could always choose to represent yourself. However, there are a few reasons you should consider hiring a lawyer to [...]

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VC 14601.1 (a) Driving With a Suspended License

VC 14601.1 (a) Driving With a Suspended License Many drivers are not even aware their license is suspended. It isn't until you've been pulled over for a traffic ticket like speeding or cigarette litter that the officer tells you that you are also driving with a suspended license. For a free consultation with Attorney Paul [...]

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VC 12500 Driving Without a Valid License

VC 12500 Driving Without a Valid License  If you were driving without a valid license in California, and you received a traffic ticket for doing so, chances are you were cited under VC 12500 (a). Under California law, you are driving without a valid license if you were driving without a valid California license, and [...]

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