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Traffic Ticket Orange County

Traffic Ticket Orange County - Consequences If you received a traffic ticket in Orange County, the consequences can vary greatly; you could face: jail or prison time if it's a misdemeanor or felony offense (often what starts as a traffic stop can escalate into something much more serious, such as a DUI, drug offense, or [...]

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Riverside County Traffic Attorney

Riverside County Traffic Attorney If you have a traffic ticket in Riverside County, you man need to seek the advice of an experienced Riverside County traffic attorney. Attorney Paul Denni and his qualified associates are experienced Riverside County traffic attorneys who can defend you in court. When Do I Need to Hire a Riverside County [...]

By | September 22nd, 2013|

VC 22348 b – Driving Over 100 MPH

VC 22348 b Explained VC 22348 b is a California Vehicle Code section which allows officers to cite you with a traffic ticket for speeding over 100 mph. This is not an ordinary speeding ticket because the consequences for speeding over 100 mph are much more harsh than other types of speeding tickets. VC 22348 b Means No [...]

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Pay Victorville Speeding Ticket?

Pay Victorville Speeding Ticket? If you received a speeding ticket in Victorville, you may be wondering whether or not you should hire an attorney to help you fight the ticket. The answer to that questions depends on your specific circumstances. Pay Victorville Speeding Ticket If I'm Traffic School Eligible? Since a speeding ticket is a [...]

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Don’t Pay GC Services Under Their “New Deal”

Don't Pay GC Services Under Their "New Deal" If you have a traffic ticket with GC Services and you have a failure to appear in court charge under vehicle code 40508, you will have to deal with GC Services because they handle the collections for LA County. As of January 1, 2013, GC Services has [...]

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What is a Moving Violation?

What is a Moving Violation? Moving violations are a particular type of traffic ticket, which, if you're convicted of that moving violation ticket, will result in a "point" on your DMV record. If you get too many points on your DMV record within a certain period of time, then you can get your license suspended [...]

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