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Compton Court GC Services

Compton Court GC Services Issues? If you are having issues in Compton court with GC Services, you are not alone. GC Services collects for all Los Angeles traffic courts, including Compton Court. GC Services may be telling you things such as: your license will be suspended if you don't pay them; you HAVE to pay [...]

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GC Traffic Collections

GC Traffic Collections - Who Are They? GC traffic collections is a collections agency and they want your money. They collect for the Los Angeles Superior Court on unpaid traffic tickets (either a ticket you failed to appear in court on, or for a ticket you owed fines on but didn't pay after being convicted [...]

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GC Services Torrance

GC Services Torrance - Who is GC Services? GC Services handles collections for the Los Angeles County Superior Court. When you fail to pay a traffic ticket in LA County, the following consequences will occur: you may receive letters and calls from GC Services to pay your ticket; a hold will be placed on your [...]

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Fix Suspended License

Fix Suspended License - Why is my license suspended? If your license is suspended, it could be for one of several reasons: you have an unpaid traffic ticket that's in collections with GC Services; you have failed to appear in court and you have a warrant; you have received too many points on your DMV record and [...]

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4000 Traffic Code with a Failure to Appear? Get Help!

4000 Traffic Code Explanation Vehicle Code 4000 in California refers to an offense for driving without valid registration on your vehicle. Under normal circumstances, this is a minor offense with an easy fix - you update your registration and you notify the court. However, if you fail to notify the court, you will be charged [...]

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GC Services Los Angeles Fines Reduced

GC Services Los Angeles Fines Who is GC Services? GC Services is a collections agency that collects money for the Los Angeles Superior Court for unpaid traffic tickets. You may have received a letter or a phone call from GC Services, demanding payment from you. However, in most cases you don't have to pay GC [...]

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