California Traffic Laws

Orange County DUI Lawyer

Are you looking to hire the best Orange County DUI lawyer for your case?  How do you pick?  Can you trust the reviews on AVVO or Yelp? What about all the ads that pop up on google?  What about all those letters showing up in your mail box? And how did they know I got [...]

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Will I Lose my License on a First Time DUI in California?

First time DUI in California VC 23152(a) and 23152(b) Before breaking this one down, let's start with a few assumptions.  For purposes of this article we are talking about a first time DUI in California charged under California Vehicle Code section 23152(a) or 23152(b). Not all first time DUI cases are the same and the [...]

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California Traffic Attorney

Do I Need a California Traffic Attorney? Whether you need a California traffic attorney can depend on your current situation and what your goals are. As a California traffic attorney, Paul J. Denni can help you: clear a traffic conviction from your record (statewide in California); defend you in court on a pending case (Southern California [...]

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Speeding Over 100mph? Get Help in Court

Speeding Over 100mph? It's Not Your Average Ticket If you got pulled over for speeding over 100mph under Vehicle Code section 22348(b), this is not your average speeding ticket. There are greater consequences if you're convicted in court for speeding over 100mph. What are the Consequences of Speeding Over 100mph? More Points on Your DMV Record [...]

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Driving Without Insurance

Driving Without Insurance - Can you fight this ticket in traffic court? Driving without insurance is a traffic offense in California, and is punishable under Vehicle Code 16028. You are guilty of driving without insurance if: you were driving a vehicle, and the officer asks you for proof of "financial responsibility" (aka proof of insurance), [...]

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Riverside Traffic Attorney

Riverside Traffic Attorney There are several different California traffic laws that, if violated in Riverside County, could result in your need to hire a Riverside traffic attorney. Do I Normally Need a Riverside Traffic Attorney? A regular traffic ticket can normally just be paid and resolved fairly inexpensively, without the need to hire an attorney. [...]

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California Traffic Laws

California Traffic Laws - How Much are California Tickets? California traffic laws can be some of the harshest traffic laws nationally. California is an expensive State to live in, it has a large population, and it has a lot of debt. This means that many traffic tickets in California carry high fines. Driving without insurance, [...]

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