California DMV License Hold

Traffic Ticket Amnesty Ending Soon!

On June 24, 2015, California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation allowing traffic ticket amnesty on unpaid traffic tickets. What Does California Traffic Ticket Amnesty Do? Mainly, Governor Brown's traffic ticket amnesty program allows a 50-80% reduction in your outstanding balance on unpaid traffic tickets, if you qualify. Your unpaid traffic tickets qualify for amnesty if the date the [...]

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DMV Hearing License Suspension Attorneys

DMV Hearing License Suspension Attorneys - Why Will My License Be Suspended? If you are facing a DMV hearing for the suspension of your driver's license, it could be for several reasons: APS Hearing (you are being charged with a DUI); Negligent Operator Hearing (you received too many points on your DMV record); Medical Suspension Hearing (you may [...]

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Traffic Ticket Orange County

Traffic Ticket Orange County - Consequences If you received a traffic ticket in Orange County, the consequences can vary greatly; you could face: jail or prison time if it's a misdemeanor or felony offense (often what starts as a traffic stop can escalate into something much more serious, such as a DUI, drug offense, or [...]

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California DMV License Hold

Why Do I Have a California DMV License Hold? There are several reasons why you may have a California DMV license hold: you have an unpaid traffic ticket; you have an outstanding warrant; you have unpaid child support. If you have a traffic ticket with a VC 40508 failure to appear, or have a warrant [...]

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