Metropolitan Court (Downtown LA Courthouse)

Metropolitan Court in downtown Los Angeles is the largest courthouse in LA County. Metropolitan Court hears matters involving the violation of California traffic laws and California criminal charges. The courthouse is located at 1945 South Hill Street, Los Angeles, California 90007.

If you have a traffic ticket or criminal matter pending in Metropolitan Court, be prepared to wait in long lines. First, you have to wait in line to enter into the building. Because Metropolitan Court serves such a densely populated area (the downtown LA area), often there is a 5-10 minute wait just to get inside the court, where you must pass through a metal detector.

If you have a traffic ticket matter in collections with GC Services, you will have to wait in line at the GC Services window (to the far left of the main entrance on the first floor) in order to speak with a GC Services representative.

If you have a traffic ticket that is not in collections, and you just want to pay a traffic ticket, you will find the traffic clerk’s windows also on the first floor, to the left of the main entrance.

California criminal charges are also heard in Metropolitan Court. The criminal clerk’s window can be found on the second floor, in case you need to find out information about your criminal record or pending California criminal charges.

Get Help In Metropolitan Court

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