Drunk Driving in California – 5 Attorney Tips to Keep the Cops Away

"Drunk driving" is a phrase used to describe the criminal offense of Driving Under the Influence (DUI). In California, a DUI offense has it's grounds in California Vehicle Code (VC) 23152. As a California DUI attorney, I've heard countless stories, facts, excuses, and explanations related to DUI charges, so I've put together the following tips to [...]

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Orange County DUI – Learn What to Do About a DUI in OC

Getting an Orange County DUI can be a major pain in your ass. A DUI conviction under VC 23152 means high fines, the loss of your driver's license, court-ordered classes to attend, and a conviction on your criminal record that will be visible in a background check. If you have already received an Orange County [...]

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5 Ways to Lower Your Speeding Ticket Cost in California

If you didn't already know about the high speeding ticket cost in California, you will realize it soon after getting a speeding ticket in this wonderful State. California generally is an expensive state to live in, with high taxes and a high cost of living in most areas. Not only is it expensive to live [...]

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The 5 Best Guidelines for Early Termination of Probation in California

When seeking early termination of probation, there are 5 main guidelines you want to consider: Reasons for Obtaining Early Termination of Probation Legal Grounds Eligibility The Process, and Whether to Hire an Attorney As an expungement attorney who has handled early termination of probation and expungement motions throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, [...]

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Can You Clear Your Criminal Record? Learn About Expungement

Can you clear your criminal record? Yes you can, although as with any legal matter, there are rules, exceptions, and limitations when it comes to removing a misdemeanor or felony from your criminal record. Clearing your criminal record is commonly referred to as an "expungement" of your criminal record. In California, the law that allows [...]

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Wet Reckless Plea Reduction California DUI

How to Get a Wet Reckless Wet Reckless plea reduction is a goal for many people facing a California DUI charge.  In order to better understand the term "wet reckless" and the pros and cons of this type of plea bargain, I will explain the basics in this article.   Keep in mind that every criminal [...]

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Riverside Expungement: Clear Your Criminal Record in Riverside Court

If you have received a criminal conviction in the Riverside courthouse, a Riverside expungement can help you build a path to a better future - particularly if want to improve your employment situation. There is often confusion about what exactly an expungement is and how it can help you. As expungement lawyers, our job is [...]

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