Who We Are and How We Can Help You

My name is Attorney Paul Denni. I’m the founder and managing attorney at California Legal Defense, Inc.

We now serve only Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego (ask me for a referral if you need a trusted attorney in another county in California).

We have helped thousands of clients build a better future for themselves through:

  1. Driver’s license consultation and representation
  2. Criminal record expungement and felony conviction reduction
  3. Referrals to trusted attorney colleagues for legal matters outside the areas I serve or outside my scope of practice

 Our Strategy

I personally handle every consultation that comes in to our office, except those outside my expertise, which I refer to a trusted colleague.

Our first conversation will begin with me asking you a few questions so I can better understand what legal issue you may be facing.

The possible outcomes are:

  • the law can help you, or
  • the law cannot help you.

If the law can help you, then we discuss whether you can (or should) represent yourself, strategy, possible outcomes, and whether I am the right attorney for you.

The goal is to give you a clear plan to get back on track with your life, with a clear understanding of the cost and time involved.

Free Consultation

Call me at 888-250-8450 or click here if you’d like a free consultation: