Why We Do It

We are passionate about creating opportunities for others by removing legal hindrances – specifically traffic tickets causing driver’s license holds and past criminal convictions preventing employment opportunities – so these individuals can rightfully improve their lives.

We Choose Our Clients

You would think a person chooses a law firm, but in fact the decision making process goes both ways.

We like clients who are honest, straightforward, and good people. If our clients are like us (without regard for race, gender, ethnicity, etc.), then it makes the attorney-client relationship so much more rewarding – for everyone.

It can be extremely frustrating when a person tries to achieve good in the world – however small or insignificant it may appear to be – but is prevented from doing so due to a legal issue we have the capability of solving for them.

If this is you, then you’ve found the right law firm.

Our Main Guy

This is our CEO and Managing Attorney, Paul Denni, gazing thoughtfully into the sunset.

He personally handles every consultation for our office.

Locations Served

We serve only:

  • Los Angeles
  • Orange County
  • San Diego
  • (For matters in other California counties, we can refer you to a trusted attorney.)

What We Do

We have helped thousands of good people build a better future for themselves through:

  • Traffic Ticket Attorney Services: Driver’s license and traffic ticket consultation (Los Angeles only).
  • Expungement Lawyer Services: Criminal record expungements and felony reductions (Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego).
  • Referrals to trusted attorney colleagues for legal matters outside the areas we serve or outside our scope of practice.

If you’d like to personally speak with Attorney Paul Denni for a free consultation, you can reach him here: