Why We Exist

We are passionate about creating opportunities for you by removing legal hindrances we have the capability of solving for you, through our knowledge and experience in criminal record clearing and traffic ticket representation.

Whether you aim to get an expunged misdemeanor, a felony reduction, or are being hassled by the DMV or GC Services about your driver’s license – we know how to get you back on track.

We Love Our Clients

You would think a person chooses a law firm, but in fact the decision making process goes both ways.

We have character. We are honest, straightforward, and good people, and we like clients with these same attributes.

We are a modern law firm. We are efficient and tech-savvy, and focused on results. We have a specific way of doing business which tends to attract millenials who are less concerned with appearance and more concerned with getting the job done right.

If this sounds like you, then you’ve found the right law firm.

Our Main Guy

This is our Founder and Managing Attorney, Paul Denni.

He manages the law firm and personally handles every consultation for our office.

If you’d like to personally speak with Attorney Paul Denni for a free consultation, text “needhelp” to 44222 or click the green button here.


Locations Served

For criminal record clearing services, we serve Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.

For traffic ticket services, we serve Los Angeles and Orange County.

*For legal matters outside our scope of practice and/ or in other California counties, we can refer you to a trusted attorney.