5 year fta dmv purgeWhat Exactly is the 5 Year FTA DMV Purge?

I get calls almost every single day from Los Angeles County drivers asking about the “DMV purge” and how to go about “getting a DMV record purged”.

A lot of the misunderstanding about the 5 Year DMV Purge is due to the failure to understand that:

  1. You can’t purge a DMV record.
  2. You CAN purge a DMV DRIVER’S LICENSE HOLD – if, the date of the violation occurred five or more years ago.
  3. You CAN clear a misdemeanor or felony from your COURT RECORD. You can contact California Expungement Lawyers here.

And here is something further: if you qualify for the 5 Year FTA DMV Purge, there is nothing you need to do except go get your license!

You don’t need a lawyer to wave a magic wand for you, you don’t need to call the DMV, and you have my blessing to simply go to the DMV and get your license back.

Getting back talk from the DMV? If the DMV tries to tell you to pay traffic tickets older than 5 years, remind them of the age of the tickets (sometimes DMV employees overlook this fact) and they will purge the holds for you and let you get your license back.

Yes it’s true. Callers are usually dumbfounded when I tell them this because DMV license holds can cause so much grief. Sometimes being aware of one simple rule can make your life so much easier.

What Do I Do if the 5 Year FTA DMV Purge Doesn’t Apply?

If your tickets aren’t old enough to get purged with the DMV, then you have a couple of options available to you:

  1. You can pay GC Services…OR
  2. You can fight your ticket in court (RECOMMENDED!!)

You can read my article about why you shouldn’t pay GC Services, and why it’s better to either fight the ticket yourself or hire a lawyer to go to court for you.

If you’re curious about taking this path and reaping the benefits of handling your ticket in court, you can call me for a free phone consultation at 888-250-8450. (***Note: I cannot help with “failures to pay”. I can only help with “failures to appear” in court.)

Do I Still Have to Pay Tickets to the Court if the 5 Year FTA DMV Purge Applies?

You may be wondering: what happens to traffic tickets with GC Services that are older than 5 years old?

The answer is: you still owe GC Services on the tickets, technically, but now they can’t coerce you into paying them because now you don’t have to pay GC Services before getting your driver’s license reinstated.

The other question I get a lot is: if I choose not to pay GC Services, will this affect my credit report?

I cannot speak with knowledge about how GC Services affects your credit report. However, I can tell you from my experience of several years practicing law as a traffic ticket attorney I have never once heard any of my clients or potential clients who paid GC Services complain about a negative impact on their credit report.

Wrapping Up

So, to recap: if your tickets are older than 5 years old, the DMV will purge the hold for you when you go to get your license back.

If however, your tickets are not 5 years old yet and your ticket is in Los Angeles County or Orange County, you can call me for a free phone consultation to discuss your rights and your options at 888-250-8450, or you can use the contact form below.

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