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Exhibition of Speed

What is Exhibition of Speed in California? "Exhibition of speed" refers to California Vehicle Code 23109, which makes it unlawful to engage in a "speed contest" or "exhibition of speed". Speed Contest The term "speed contest" can be a bit misleading because you don't have to be racing any vehicle nor do you have to be involved [...]

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Is Driving Without a License a Misdemeanor in California?

Author's Note: Although I am a practicing attorney in Los Angeles County and Orange County, this article pertains to law that is applicable throughout California.  Were You Charged with Driving Without a License? Vehicle Code 12500 (VC 12500) is the California code section that applies to driving without a license. You should be cited with this charge only [...]

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GC Services Scams

Don't Fall Prey to GC Services Scams If you are being called and sent emails by a collections agency named GC Services, please read this before paying them any money. GC Services is a collections agency that collects on unpaid traffic tickets in Los Angeles County if you have a failure to appear on a traffic ticket. [...]

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5 Year FTA DMV Purge

What Exactly is the 5 Year FTA DMV Purge? I get calls almost every single day from Los Angeles County drivers asking about the "DMV purge" and how to go about "getting a DMV record purged". A lot of the misunderstanding about the 5 Year DMV Purge is due to the failure to understand that: [...]

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Traffic Court Lawyers Los Angeles

Are Traffic Court Lawyers Los Angeles Necessary? Traffic courts are filled with people representing themselves on their own traffic tickets, so why are there are attorneys who handle traffic matters on behalf of other people? Traffic court attorneys can be extremely valuable and worth your money, depending upon what your specific needs are. As a traffic court lawyer [...]

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