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VC 22349(a) Fine

What is the VC 22349(a) Fine? VC 22349(a) is the California vehicle code section for speeding in excess of 65mph. The fine for this offense depends on how much in excess of the speed limit you were traveling. If you have a failure to appear or are not eligible for traffic school, be wary of paying the ticket [...]

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Traffic Ticket in Collections – GET HELP

If you have a traffic ticket in collections in Los Angeles County, read on to learn why you shouldn't pay your ticket to the collections agency. Traffic Ticket in Collections with GC Services If you have a failure to appear in court in Los Angeles County, your ticket will be sent to GC Services, a [...]

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Metropolitan Courthouse GC Services

Being Hassled by Metropolitan Courthouse GC Services? If you have a traffic ticket that is either a failure to pay, or a failure to appear from the Metropolitan courthouse, you'll be dealing with GC Services who will try to collect money from you for that ticket. My name is Attorney Paul Denni and I'm a [...]

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GC Services Collection Agency

Traffic Ticket Problems With GC Services Collection Agency GC Services collection agency collects on a variety of matters. As a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney, I'm dealing with GC Services on a daily basis for my clients as it concerns collections activities on their unpaid traffic tickets in Los Angeles County. GC Services is in contract [...]

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