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Driving With Expired Registration

Driving with expired registration is a seemingly small and harmless ticket. However, most of my clients run in to several unexpected issues as a result of not understanding the correct procedures for dealing with a ticket for driving with expired registration. As a Southern California traffic ticket attorney, I've helped my clients clear up the mess [...]

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GC Services Los Angeles

GC Services is a huge collections agency that collects on unpaid traffic tickets in Los Angeles. You may have received letters, emails, or phone calls from GC Services trying to get you to pay exorbitant fees for your unpaid traffic ticket in Los Angeles. Should I Pay GC Services Los Angeles? There are a lot of [...]

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GC Services Number

Should I Call GC Services? You received a letter in the mail, or phone message from GC Services. They probably asked you to call them back at the GC Services Number, which is either a local number or their 800 number at 800-756-6524. BUT BEFORE YOU need to understand the consequences of paying GC [...]

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