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GC Services Hill Street Court

GC Services Hill Street Court Bothering You? If you have a traffic ticket in the GC Services Hill Street Court (also called the Metropolitan Court in Los Angeles County), you: probably have an unpaid traffic ticket; probably have received harassing phone calls from GC Services; may have been notified by the DMV your license is/ [...]

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CHP Traffic Violations? Get Help Here

CHP Traffic Violations Got You Down? "CHP" stands for California Highway Patrol. Whether you are a native to California, or just visiting, you may have had the "pleasure" of meeting a CHP officer. This article discusses some common CHP traffic violations and how to get help in traffic court. Types of CHP Traffic Violations VC 14601.1 [...]

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West Covina Courthouse Traffic Ticket

What Happens if I Get a West Covina Courthouse Traffic Ticket? Most West Covina Traffic Tickets Can be Paid There are all different types of tickets you can get: Driving without insurance Cell phone ticket Speeding ticket Some tickets you want to pay, and others you will want to see the judge on first, or [...]

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