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Fix it Ticket Failure to Appear

Fix it Ticket Failure to Appear Consequences If you have a fix it ticket failure to appear in the Los Angeles area, there are several negative consequences that will occur. As a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney, I have handled hundreds of these tickets and help my clients get back on track. Here's what will happen [...]

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Failure to Appear Traffic Ticket

What Happens if I Have a Failure to Appear Traffic Ticket? In Los Angeles, if you have a failure to appear on a traffic ticket, this can create a whole host of problems for you: a hold can be placed on your driver's license, which can turn into a license suspension (if it hasn't already); [...]

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Traffic Court Lawyers Los Angeles

Traffic Court Lawyers Los Angeles - Do I Need a Lawyer? On a traffic case, as with any legal matter, you don't HAVE to have a lawyer to represent you. You can always represent yourself (which is called representing yourself "in pro per"). Although many people decide to hire a lawyer, you need to decide what [...]

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