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West Covina Traffic Court

West Covina Traffic Court Issues If you have a traffic ticket in West Covina traffic court, this could easily turn into a bigger headache than expected. That's why Attorney Paul J. Denni has devoted his law practice to helping people in the West Covina traffic court. Common issues Mr. Denni helps his clients with include: Traffic [...]

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Chatsworth Traffic Ticket With Failure to Appear

What Happens if I Failed to Appear on a Chatsworth Traffic Ticket? Many Los Angeles area drivers get traffic tickets, and for one reason or another, fail to take care of it. If this is you, you are probably dealing with the following consequences: a hold is placed on your driver's license, which turns into a [...]

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GC Services Phone Number – Read this before you call!

Should I Call the GC Services Phone Number? If you received a threatening letter from GC Services telling you to call them, BE CAREFUL! GC Services may have told you: you must pay them if you want to get your license back; you can't get a court date, all you can do is pay them; [...]

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