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Metropolitan Court Failure to Appear Traffic Ticket

Across the street from Metro Court. Traffic Ticket in Metro Court Metropolitan Court (aka "Metro Court") is located on 1945 S. Hill Street in Los Angeles. It is one of the biggest court branches in LA. A traffic ticket in Los Angeles is not something you normally need to hire an attorney for. [...]

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DMV Purge – When Does the DMV Purge My Record?

How Long Will an Unpaid Traffic Ticket Hold My License? If you received a traffic ticket and have a failure to appear in court, normally this ticket will hold your driver's license. Even if you no longer live in California, an unpaid traffic ticket in California can prevent you from getting an out of State driver's license [...]

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California Traffic Attorney

Do I Need a California Traffic Attorney? Whether you need a California traffic attorney can depend on your current situation and what your goals are. As a California traffic attorney, Paul J. Denni can help you: clear a traffic conviction from your record (statewide in California); defend you in court on a pending case (Southern California [...]

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Dog Bite Attorneys Orange County

What Happens if I've Been Bitten by a Dog in Orange County? If you've received a dog bite in Orange County, you may be suffering some pretty terrible consequences. Dogs have very strong jaws, and sharp teeth. Most dogs would never hurt a human, but if a dog feels threatened or is aggravated for some [...]

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Van Nuys No Registration With a Failure to Appear

Why Did I Get a Failure to Appear in Van Nuys? We are a Van Nuys traffic defense law firm and have had hundreds of clients who have failed to appear in court on so called "fix it tickets." Fix it tickets include: driving with no registration; driving without insurance; window tint; many others. What may [...]

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Beverly Hills Failure to Appear Traffic Ticket

What if I Failed to Appear in Beverly Hills on a Traffic Ticket? When you fail to appear on a traffic ticket in a Los Angeles courthouse, you may be finding out that what was once a harmless ticket has now turned in to something much more problematic. When you fail to appear in LA [...]

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West Covina Traffic Ticket Failure to Appear

Failure to Appear on West Covina Traffic Ticket, What Now? If you failed to appear on a traffic ticket in West Covina, you now have to deal with some consequences in addition to the underlying ticket: being hassled by GC Services; getting a hold placed on your driver's license; a potential driver's license suspension if you [...]

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Negligent Operator Explained

What is a Negligent Operator? A negligent operator is a classification by the DMV when you've received too many points on your DMV record. You receive negligent operator points on your record in several ways: you get a traffic ticket that is a moving violation (speeding, driving on a suspended license, etc.); you get a [...]

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GC Services Limited Partnership Payment

Don't Make a GC Services Limited Partnership Payment Attorney Paul J. Denni is a traffic defense attorney who helps his clients find other options than paying GC Services Limited Partnership ("GC Services"). For a free consultation, call Attorney Paul J. Denni at 888-250-8450. Why You Don't Want to Pay GC Services The only reason you'd want [...]

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Driving Without a License Ticket

Driving Without a License Ticket in California If you received a ticket for driving without a license in California, you were likely cited under Vehicle Code section 12500. There are two main reasons for being cited under VC 12500: you were validly licensed, but in another State; or your California license has expired. Under the first [...]

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