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Failure to Appear Traffic Court Los Angeles

Failure to Appear Traffic Court Los Angeles - Why Do I Have a Failure to Appear Charge? We have represented hundreds of drivers in Los Angeles with a VC 40508 failure to appear charge. You may not have even known you've failed to appear in traffic court until: you've received a letter from GC Services; you [...]

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GC Services Complaints

GC Services Complaints? Who is this GC Services? You may have received a letter in the mail or a phone call from GC Services. If you are in Los Angeles County, this is because you failed to appear or failed to pay a traffic ticket in LA County. GC Services is after you because they [...]

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Orange County

What Do I Do if I've Gotten in a Motorcycle Accident in Orange County? Be Careful What You Say.  If law enforcement is involved, you should not lie, but you also have a right not to incriminate yourself. Statements to law enforcement or other parties involved in the accident can be used against you at [...]

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Traffic Ticket Orange County

Traffic Ticket Orange County - Consequences If you received a traffic ticket in Orange County, the consequences can vary greatly; you could face: jail or prison time if it's a misdemeanor or felony offense (often what starts as a traffic stop can escalate into something much more serious, such as a DUI, drug offense, or [...]

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Orange County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Can an Orange County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help? If you have been in an Orange County motorcycle accident, your injuries can range dramatically. Motorcycle accidents can cause injuries ranging from skinned knees to death, and everything in between. An Orange County motorcycle accident lawyer can help in the following ways: help you find treatment from the [...]

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San Bernardino Traffic Court

Why Do I Have a Case in the San Bernardino Traffic Court? If you were issued a traffic ticket in San Bernardino, you can use the San Bernardino County case locator to find your ticket. You have the option to: pay your ticket; fight your ticket; hire an attorney to fight your ticket for you. [...]

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Traffic Lawyer Riverside County California

Traffic Lawyer Riverside County California - What is a "Traffic Ticket"? A "traffic ticket" is a vague term and can mean a lot of different things. A traffic ticket in Riverside County can be: as minor as a correctable fix it ticket (a non-moving violation); a slightly more serious ticket that will result in a point [...]

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GC Traffic Collections

GC Traffic Collections - Who Are They? GC traffic collections is a collections agency and they want your money. They collect for the Los Angeles Superior Court on unpaid traffic tickets (either a ticket you failed to appear in court on, or for a ticket you owed fines on but didn't pay after being convicted [...]

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San Bernardino County Case Locator

San Bernardino County Case Locator - How Do I Find My Case? If you have a criminal case or a traffic ticket in San Bernardino, you can find your case online by following the below instructions. If you are seeking legal help with your case, call us at 888-250-8450. Pay Your San Bernardino Traffic Ticket: If you [...]

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23111 CVC

23111 CVC - What is This Traffic Ticket? 23111 CVC is a California traffic ticket for improperly disposing of your cigarette or its ash. You may be wondering - what is improper disposal of my cigarette? Essentially, anything other than an ash tray is improper disposal of your cigarette. "Cigarette litter" includes: An actual cigarette, [...]

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