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San Bernardino Traffic Lawyer

Do I Need a San Bernardino Traffic Lawyer? A traffic attorney can prove to be beneficial, but it is not always necessary to hire an attorney. Whether you should hire a San Bernardino traffic lawyer will be influenced by several different factors. Some people are the "do it yourself" type, but are still in over [...]

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Fontana Superior Court Traffic Ticket

What Do I Do if I Have a Fontana Superior Court Traffic ticket? If you have a Fontana Superior Court traffic ticket, it may be a good idea to hire an attorney. It makes the most sense to hire an attorney to help with a traffic ticket when: you are not traffic school eligible; your [...]

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Unpaid Fix it Ticket California

Unpaid Fix it Ticket California - What happens next? An unpaid fix it ticket in California can quickly turn into a big mess. What usually can be fixed for a $25 dismissal fee can quickly turn into a driver's license hold and suspension as well as your fines skyrocketing up to $1,000 or more. If [...]

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Driving Without Insurance

Driving Without Insurance - Can you fight this ticket in traffic court? Driving without insurance is a traffic offense in California, and is punishable under Vehicle Code 16028. You are guilty of driving without insurance if: you were driving a vehicle, and the officer asks you for proof of "financial responsibility" (aka proof of insurance), [...]

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San Diego Traffic Attorney

San Diego Traffic Attorney - When should I hire a traffic attorney? If you have a traffic ticket in San Diego, you may be interested in hiring a traffic ticket attorney. As a traffic defense law firm, we handle traffic tickets throughout southern California, including San Diego. But when does it make sense to hire [...]

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