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Suspended Driver’s License

Suspended Driver's License - Why is my license suspended? There are several reasons why you may have a suspended driver's license. In some instances, you can get your license back immediately. In other cases, there may be a cost involved in getting your license back, whether in money or in time. This article doesn't cover [...]

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Driving Without Insurance – Get Help With This Traffic Ticket

Driving Without Insurance - Violation of California Law California Vehicle code section 16028 (a) makes it a traffic infraction for driving without insurance. Under California law, all drivers must be insured. What Are the Consequences of Driving Without Insurance? If you are found guilty in traffic court for driving without insurance, because this is one [...]

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VC 22348 b – Driving Over 100 MPH

VC 22348 b Explained VC 22348 b is a California Vehicle Code section which allows officers to cite you with a traffic ticket for speeding over 100 mph. This is not an ordinary speeding ticket because the consequences for speeding over 100 mph are much more harsh than other types of speeding tickets. VC 22348 b Means No [...]

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Will GC Services Settle?

Will GC Services Settle? You may have a traffic citation in collections with GC Services. The problem is, once you have had your ticket referred to collections, GC Services will jack your fees WAY up - far beyond the original amount you owed. So you may be asking yourself: "Will GC Services settle?" This is [...]

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23109 a – Get Help Now

23109 a - What is It? 23109 a is a California Vehicle Code section making it unlawful to race your vehicle against: -- another vehicle -- a clock, or -- any timing device (stopwatch, etc.) 23109 a is also known as an "exhibition of speed" charge or a "speed contest" charge. Think of the movie [...]

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23111 VC (CA Cigarette Butt Ticket)

23111 VC - CA Cigarette Butt Ticket You probably didn't realize it was such a big deal to flick a bit of cigarette ash out of your car window, or on the sidewalk while you're out for an evening stroll. Then you got cited by an officer and realized there are actually some pretty severe [...]

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GC Services Lawyer

GC Services Lawyer If you have a traffic ticket in collections with GC Services, you may be wondering whether you should hire a GC Services lawyer to help you out. Of course, for any matter, you could always choose to represent yourself. However, there are a few reasons you should consider hiring a lawyer to [...]

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