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Don’t Pay GC Services if You Have a Suspended License

Who is GC Services, and When Should I Not Pay Them? GC Services collections agency ("GCS") is in contract with the Los Angles County Superior Court to collect on all unpaid traffic tickets under the jurisdiction of Los Angeles County. Tickets will be sent to collections with GCS if you fall under one of these three scenarios: [...]

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GC Services LP – What Happens If I’ve Made Partial Payment?

GC Services LP is the collections agency that contracts with Los Angeles County traffic courts to collect on unpaid Los Angeles traffic tickets. In this article I discuss two common questions I receive from my clients: Should I pay GC Services LP? What if I've already started to pay GC Services LP - is it [...]

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What if I Have a 40508 Failure to Appear in Court on a Traffic Ticket?

Do you have a VC 40508 failure to appear in court? There are a few common reasons why this happens, often due to inadvertence more than blatant disregard for your court date: you forgot about your traffic court date; you were expecting a courtesy notice in the mail informing you of your traffic court date; [...]

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What is a Moving Violation?

A "moving violation" is a particular type of traffic violation which results in a "p0int" going on your DMV record if you are convicted of that offense. If you get too many points on your DMV record within a certain period of time, then you can get your license suspended for being what the DMV [...]

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GC Services LP – Don’t Pay Them!

GC Services LP is a collections agency that collects on unpaid traffic tickets for the Los Angeles Superior Court. If you were issued a Los Angeles traffic ticket and you also failed to appear in court, your matter will be referred to GC Services for collections. But don't pay GC Services until you've read this article, [...]

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California Traffic Laws: Common Violations

As a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney who has handled thousands of Los Angeles traffic tickets for my clients, I have noticed there are a handful of traffic tickets which seem to be the most common types of offenses drivers get written up for. Driving without valid registration, driving without insurance, and driving without a [...]

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