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To inform and educate our clients of their legal rights involving their traffic tickets, and to assist them with legal representation in court to achieve the best outcome possible in their favor.

Why Choose Us?

California Legal Defense, Inc. is managed by its lead attorney and CEO, Paul Denni. Mr. Denni and his associates have successfully handled thousands of traffic tickets in court for their clients throughout Southern California. You can view our testimonials below or check us out on Yelp.

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Something as seemingly minor as a traffic ticket can often cause much more headache than originally anticipated. That’s why we are here to help when you need it most.

Not all traffic tickets require legal representation. Our clients usually require our assistance with their traffic tickets for a variety of reasons. A few common situations when it makes sense to hire a traffic ticket law firm include:

  • You have a failure to appear and are facing collections activities from the court, or from an outside collection agency hired by the court, such as GC Services.
  • You are no longer eligible for traffic school, and are charged with a moving violation which would result in a point on your DMV record if convicted.
  • You are charged with a “traffic ticket” that’s actually being prosecuted as a misdemeanor, such as VC 12500 (driving with invalid license), VC 14601.1 (driving on a suspended license), and VC 23109 (exhibition of speed).
  • A mandatory court appearance is required, but you reside outside of California or outside of the United States.

Customer Testimonials

I used Paul twice and both my traffic citations were dismissed. Paul is friendly, professional and his staff is very diligent in their communication efforts. Will I used Paul again? Absolutely. Will I recommend him to my family and friends? Of course!

Susan K

Excellent services. He helped me get my case dismissed and got my license again! I recommend attorney Paul to anyone.

Karen P


Kamal K.

You may be unsure whether it’s wise to hire a traffic ticket law firm. For a free consultation with Attorney Paul Denni, you can call us at 888-250-8450, or use the Contact Form below.

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